Bronze Sponsor Passware: Tools Every Digital Forensic Examiner Needs

At some point, every forensic examiner will encounter a password-protected file or computer system, or even an encrypted drive. That’s where Passware comes in. With tools that reduce time associated with password recovery, decrypt hard disks and files, and now even acquire memory images, Passware has developed must-have software for those involved with high-tech crime investigation.

Nataly Koukoushkina, Passware’s marketing manager, talked a little with us about her company’s sponsorship of our conference, the latest version of Passware Kit Forensic, and what you can expect when you visit her booth in September:

HTCIA: How long has Passware sponsored the HTCIA Conference? Why opt to sponsor rather than simply exhibit?

NK: We’ve been sponsoring since 2008. Certainly, by sponsoring we get better “brand visibility”, but the main point is that we share the HTCIA values, and we are happy to provide support for HTCIA members (discounts, free consultations, etc.).

HTCIA: Tell us about the new product features and benefits. Will conference attendees get to see a demo at your booth?

NK: Passware Kit Forensic is an all-in-one password recovery and encrypted evidence discovery software. The latest version recovers passwords for RAR and TrueCrypt in record time, thanks to GPU and TACC acceleration, and it also decrypts BitLocker To Go. More information can be found on our website.

At our booth we’ll be demonstrating all the new product features and will be happy to show the software in action. All attendees will get product brochures and CDs with evaluation version. As usual, this free CD will also include a fully-functional version of one of our products.

HTCIA: Any other specials you will be running at your booth?

NK: We will be offering a special discount for all HTCIA attendees. And a prize drawing, by tradition 😉

HTCIA: In general, the customer stories on your website don’t include investigators. Without naming names, what do you hear from law enforcement and corporate investigators who use the software?

NK: There are some stories, but it is usually difficult to get those published. Here’s one of the stories that was published, though [CNet: Child porn defendant locked up after ZIP file encryption broken] The child pornography case was resolved using our password recovery software – Zip Key.

HTCIA: As the person who works the booth, what are your favorite aspects of a conference? What do you like to see from the people who stop by to visit?

NK: My favorite aspect of the conference is to communicate with our customers and with the “target audience” in general face to face. It’s always interesting to know what computer forensics need, and how our company meets their expectations. I’m happy to see their excitement when we demonstrate our software at the booth.

There’re so many interesting people at the show! For example, at the last HTCIA show I met one computer forensic guy and it turned out that we’ve been exchanging emails on technical support several years ago. He remembered my name 🙂 And I was pleased to meet him personally!

Questions for Nataly? Please let us know in comments!


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