2011 Report on Cybercrime Investigation now available!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released our 2011 Report on Cyber Crime Investigation. The second report of its kind that we’ve produced, this document is the result of members’ responses to a survey we asked them to complete earlier in the summer. We compared the data we found from one year to the next, and as we note in our executive summary, the outcomes were similar — with a few twists. Among them:

  • Need for improvement in information sharing. We saw a decrease in the frequency of information sharing between this year and last year, which we felt indicates that members and others in the community need better support with their efforts — not just with one another, but also with academic institutions and private companies.
  • Need for better training at multiple levels. Civilians, judges, prosecutors and even middle and upper level management can have a hard time understanding cyber crimes. Computers and the Internet add layers of abstraction to crime; it is harder to find and collect evidence from multiple devices, and victims can be scattered across the country (or in some cases, the world). Investigators may find it difficult to explain these complexities, but without understanding, decision-makers find it easier to budget scarce resources to (or in judges’ case, set legal precedent for) crimes they do understand, can see, and have a measurable impact on, like narcotics or property crimes.

We encourage you to download and read the report — and share your thoughts. Are these similar to trends you’ve seen? What would you like to see in next year’s report?


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