HTCIA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ken Citarella: A generation’s worth of institutional knowledge

One of the things we enjoy most about giving out our annual awards is the opportunity to highlight how our members’ best work contributes to our overall community. This is certainly the case with our 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Ken Citarella, Managing Director of Investigations for Guidepost Solutions.

In his role at Guidepost, Mr. Citarella directs investigations concerning fraud, information assurance, employee misconduct, and related matters. Most notably, he is directing the investigation of suspected fraud claims submitted to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility due to the catastrophic BP oil spill. Previously Mr. Citarella served in the Westchester County (NY) District Attorney’s Office for 27 years, including as Deputy Division Chief of the Investigations Division and Bureau Chief of the High Technology Crime and Economic Crime Bureaus.

Mr. Citarella is a nationally recognized authority on computer and white collar crime, having obtained convictions for computer intrusions, malicious software attacks, a software time bomb, spamming, digital child pornography, and the use of the Internet for child exploitation. In doing so, he helped to pioneer the investigation and prosecution of computer crimes in New York State and nationally.

In addition to his career with the DA and his work at Guidepost Solutions, Mr. Citarella has worked with a commercial litigation law firm and with the Corporate Investigations Division of Prudential Insurance. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School, where he teaches a cybercrime course, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Mr. Citarella has been an HTCIA member since the mid-1980s and was the founding President of its Northeast Chapter in 1990.

“As one of our longest time members, Ken has a generation’s worth of institutional knowledge, which he has worked hard to bring to the investigative community throughout his career,” says Duncan Monkhouse, HTCIA International President.

“I am honored to accept this award from HTCIA, the foremost organization of its kind in the world,” says Mr. Citarella. “The members of HTCIA pioneered the fight against high technology crime by asking questions about how to acquire digital evidence that would be admissible in court, what criminal statutes would address the crimes we were seeing and what new ones we would need.

“As an organization we have grown the same way, by asking how we can assist each other in trying to bring some law and order to the frontier of cyberspace.  The pride I have felt for more than 25 years as a member of HTCIA has never been stronger, and I am confident HTCIA will help meet the continual challenge to grow strong as cyber threats continue to grow ever more threatening.”

Mr. Citarella will formally accept his award at the 2011 HTCIA International Training Conference & Expo, September 12-14 in Indian Wells, CA. Please join us in congratulating him!


2 Responses to HTCIA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ken Citarella: A generation’s worth of institutional knowledge

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