Movie Night, courtesy of Silver sponsor Vound

One of last year’s most popular conference sessions was Pizza Night, Vound Software‘s dinner-and-a-demo look at its Intella email forensics software. This year, they changed it up a bit. They’ll still hold a demo, but they’re also sponsoring some entertainment – not just for conference participants, but also for their families who come to Indian Wells with them.

We talked more with Vound about what will be involved and why:

HTCIA: “Movie Night” isn’t typical conference fare, at least in this industry. What made Vound decide to sponsor it?

Vound: We took a fly at doing something original  in Pizza Night last year and were impressed with its success and feedback. We wanted to keep it fresh and interesting this year so opted for Movie Night.

We will have treats, popcorn, candy, soda, and domestic beer for the enjoyment of those who can make it, and we hope everyone does. We are hoping attendees will see it as an opportunity to bring their partners and  chill out. Let’s also not forget we are in movie making territory.

HTCIA: Any word on what the movie will be?

Vound: No idea yet, but Peter [Mercer, Vound co-founder] insists on it having kangaroos or being about cricket.  [HTCIA note: our Conference Committee decided on “Source Code.” No kangaroos or cricket that we know of!]

HTCIA: What trends have you noticed in the last year with email investigations?

Vound: More and more cases are becoming “email only”. This is  where the case starts when the investigator is handed 50 PST files on a USB drive with  no image in sight and 2 days to complete it . This is exactly why we developed Intella and  where it more than pays for itself…

HTCIA: What’s new with Intella that you’ll be sharing during your lab session?

This year at HTCIA, investigators will see how their agencies can get the most out of their digital forensic investment by integrating Intella’s search and analytical abilities into their existing investigation and case management software.

A common problem is that the weight of digital forensic evidence is lost in translation when it is delivered to the analyst or officer who has no forensic background. Officers or analysts from outside of digital forensics may use completely different tools and methods to identify and organize useful information.

As a demonstration of how Intella solves that problem by augmenting existing software suites, this year at HTCIA the Vound team will demonstrate how Intella is used in conjunction with i2’s award winning Analyst’s Notebook and iBase. We’ll show how our customers can add Intella search results and forensic information to the investigation management software, the same way they add other pieces of information.

We’re proud to say that Intella has grown by leaps and bounds since Version 1.0 was unveiled in 2008 at the HTCIA Conference in Atlantic City.  Thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers now rely on Intella every day for e-mail and data analysis. We’ve found that agencies where evidence is transmitted effectively between forensic and non-forensic officers see an exponential increase in the value of the forensic phase, leading to better results.

Come join us at the HTCIA Conference and let us tell more about how Intella can help you search data, analyze evidence, and close cases quickly.

HTCIA: Anything else you’d like us to share about your sponsorship?

Vound: Could some of the sponsorship money be invested in projects that will help with inventing teleportation? The 15 hour flight is killing Peter. 🙂

HTCIA: We’ll look into that. 🙂 Meanwhile, thanks so much for the scoop on your lab and Movie Night. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Not yet registered for the conference? Register at and be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday’s Vound Movie Night following the Exhibitor Reception!

Image: tvol via Flickr


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