A call for papers… from students

Following on its success with the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, Cal Poly Pomona will be sponsoring something that’s normal for academic conferences, but new to trade shows: a student poster presentation, a way for students to connect with the professionals they’ll be working with following graduation.

What it is

Anna Carlin, a Cal Poly Pomona professor and 2nd Vice President of our SoCal chapter, is looking for 10 full-time students to present their work in our exhibit hall on Tuesday, September 13. We’ll provide a poster board for hanging the presentation, which can be as simple as PowerPoint slides. Posters will be displayed in the Emerald 4 Room, allowing all attendees to see the students’ work.

Not restricted to either Cal Poly students or HTCIA members, the presentation will allow students to connect with cyber security and computer forensics professionals from around the world. The work being presented must be new and current research and development in the field of cyber security and computer forensics. Work being done in conjunction with a professor is permitted.

HTCIA student charters may present the activities performed by their charter. Student Charter posters may describe charter activities, events, and/or other involvement with cyber security and computer forensics professions.  A single representative should coordinate the submission of each Student Charter proposal.

The Academic Program Committee will be reviewing submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the field of cyber security and computer forensics
  • Potential for practical impact
  • Degree of originality
  • Technical depth
  • The overall quality of the submission

Who can participate

We invite full-time undergraduate and graduate students to submit poster presentations on research and work in the field of cyber security and computer forensics. Work being done in conjunction with a professor is permitted. The poster session can also showcase the activities of HTCIA Student Charters.

Why students should submit

The first 10 students whose poster presentation is accepted will receive FREE conference registration for all 3 days (a $395 value) and a one-year student membership to HTCIA (a $25 value)! Accepted abstracts will be printed in the program and posted on the HTCIA International Conference website.

In addition, five benefits to participating:

5. Obtain a critical review of your work by submitting a poster presentation, and meet potential sponsors of your work.

4. Expand your network of other students interested in cyber security and computer forensics.

3. Listen in on hot-topic panels and presentations and take home the most current research and solutions from industry leading experts.

2. Receive recognition and a Certificate of Participation.

1. Meet potential employers!

When and how to submit

The deadline for submission is July 29, 2011. Send a short 50 to 75 word abstract with three learner outcomes (not part of the word limit) that attendees are expected to gain from the poster presentation. You will be asked to indicate the target audience level (getting started, intermediate, or advanced).

Please email your abstract to the following e-mail address: acarlin@csupomona.edu. A student may submit only one abstract. Students will be notified about acceptance by Friday, August 5, 2011.

For more information, including specific submission guidelines, poster session guidelines and other prep work, see https://www.htciaconference.org/studentposters.html.

Want to see what students are up to in the community? Register for the conference now: https://www.htciaconference.org/registration.html

Image: carmichaellibrary via Flickr


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