iOS Wi-Fi access point verification, smartphone geolocation and other mobile forensics content from Gold sponsor Oxygen Forensics

Forensic acquisition of smartphones is one of the most important investigative needs today. The more consumers adopt the robust computing power of iPhone, Android and like mobile operating systems, the more evidence available to law enforcement, corporate and legal investigators.

This is why Russia-based mobile forensics software provider Oxygen Forensics specializes in smartphone forensic acquisition. Co-founders Oleg Fedorov and Oleg Davydov are offering a full day of pre-conference training along with their planned lecture and hourlong Vendor Showcase on these topics.

Verification of Wi-Fi access points data for Apple iOS

Fedorov and Davydov will be co-presenting a lecture on the morning of Tuesday, September 13. “Every iOS device stores a list of Wi-Fi networks it has been ever connected to,” says Fedorov. “This list contains the name of the network, its MAC address and the timestamps for the first and last connections.”

Certain techniques allow investigators to calculate each Wi-Fi network’s approximate geographical coordinates, and from there, the device’s position at the time of connection. However, Fedorov and Davydov caution that investigators may not be able to trust all the coordinates they get.

Their lecture will cover what investigators should know about Wi-Fi access point types, as well as other sources of geolocative information and how to carve Wi-Fi networks information, should the history happen to have been deleted. They’ll also cover timestamp verification and even anti-forensics for jailbroken devices.

Geolocation, according to Fedorov, will be the topic of discussion at Oxygen’s Monday night Vendor Showcase, slated to run from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Android, Symbian and (time permitting) BlackBerry devices will be covered together with Apple devices.

Pre-conference training: Advanced techniques in Forensic Examination of Smartphones and Cell Phones with Oxygen Forensic Suite

In June, Oxygen announced that its Forensic Suite v3.4 is the first tool ever to enable full Android physical acquisition via root access. This demonstration will be among topics covered at its one-day training class on Saturday, September 10.

“We focus on smartphones, therefore the main topics will be Apple, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices,” says Fedorov. The training will also discuss certain models of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung cell phones.

Designed for forensic investigators at all levels of expertise, this bring-your-own-laptop training will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of current mobile forensic procedure, as well as Oxygen Forensic Suite’s advanced features.

It will use case studies to demonstrate these features and issues, “small tasks where students have to find evidence, determine phone geoposition at the given time and so on,” says Fedorov. “Prizes are famous Russian Matreshka dolls.”

Learn more and register for the pre-conference training at Oxygen Forensics’ site; register for the HTCIA conference here. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Image: Phil Roeder via Flickr


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