More than “free stuff,” software offers augment investigators’ efforts

Our sponsors’ generosity never ceases to inspire us. This year, three of our sponsors have offered $1200 worth of free software – and a fourth is offering unlimited access to its training, valued at $699.

Infinadyne: CD/DVD Inspector, Vindex, Flash Retriever Forensic*

Infinadyne’s offerings promise to round out investigators’ work by allowing them fuller access to other forms of digital media:

  • Vindex, or Video Indexer, saves time and increases accuracy. It plays videos at up to 64 times the normal playing speed, but also captures changes in the frame.  Investigators therefore see a relatively small number of frame thumbnails showing the significant action in the video, without having to watch the whole thing — or risk missing important frames during high-speed play.
  • Flash Retriever Forensic likewise reduces the time it takes to get data off a Flash drive, by eliminating the need for painstaking tasks like data carving. “Raw” camera images are also supported without the need for additional software.
  • CD/DVD Inspector supports all forms of optical media – not just CDs and DVDs, but also HD DVD and Blu-Ray.

Paraben: Chat Examiner*

The P2 Examination Technology-compatible Chat Examiner supports ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Trillian, Skype, Hello, & Miranda chat logs. Investigators working cyber stalking/harassment, child exploitation, homicide, gang-related crimes, organized crime, or any other case involving victim/perpetrator or conpirator communication can capture conversations’ histories as part of their forensic examinations.

McAfee: 2011 Total Protection Suite*

Our first 400 registered attendees will receive a copy of this year’s Total Protection Suite. Licensed for up to three computers, the Suite boasts 99.9% malware detection and blocking in virtual real time, along with a host of other technology that reduces downtime for users.

Whether protecting your work or your family’s computer(s), the 2011 Total Protection Suite most of all offers peace of mind so you can focus on other matters – the work you’re doing as a high tech crimes investigator.

*Only attendees that register at the member/non-member rate are eligible for the complimentary
software. Student/faculty pricing are not eligible. The licenses for all three of the software products will be good for one year.

Chappell University: All Access Pass Membership

Laura Chappell is one of our most supportive members. Following the free, HTCIA-sponsored Wireshark webinar she offered in October, Chappell University is going several steps further. Its All Access Pass includes unlimited access to a variety of courses covering network analysis, troubleshooting and security, along with live online events which highlight new products, tools or techniques in network analysis. Some of the most popular courses include:

Core 1: Wireshark Functionality and TCP/IP Analysis
Core 2: Wireshark Network Troubleshooting/Security
CS42: Hacked Hosts
CS44: Top 10 Reasons Your Network is Slow
CS50: WLAN Analysis 101
CS61: Tshark Command-Line Capture

Hands-on labs coming from 3 of these sponsors

Keep an eye out on this blog for more information about the hands-on labs which Chappell University, Infinadyne and McAfee will be offering in September. We couldn’t be more pleased that they’ve chosen to support our conference and its participants with both tools and training, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else they plan to offer!

Looking for copies of any of these tools? Register for our conference here!


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