Is your expertise a good fit for our conference?

It’s not too late to submit a proposal to speak at our conference! Recent blog posts have told you about the topics we seek, and also helped you justify speaking to your employer.

However, we also know that sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with good proposals. What if it looks too much like someone else’s? How much training on iPhone analysis do cell phone examiners really need? Hasn’t “the cloud” been done to death?

Here are a few tips to help you approach your proposal from another angle:

– Tell a story. Did you devise a particular methodology around a hard-to-capture piece of digital evidence? Develop an incident response strategy that saved your client time and/or money? Explaining how you solved a problem is not something that can be easily duplicated.

– What topics are being overlooked? Whether there are important aspects about iPhones, the cloud, cyber bullying, or other “hot” topics that the industry is missing out on, or other issues that get no play at all, tell us about them – and why your point of view is necessary.

– What lessons did you learn about practical, logistical issues like case management, reporting and documentation, training, court testimony, etc. that you want other investigators to know before they face the same issues?

– Talk about your relationships with other investigative professionals. Did you work together with an internal team, outside consultant, or task force to stop a threat or build a strong case? Tell us how you did it, and how we might do the same.

– What trends have you noticed in your region that may be applicable to others in your country and the world at large?

– Do you have a specialty that most other investigators don’t encounter, but should understand before they encounter it? Examples: printers and copiers, GPS devices, vehicles’ black boxes, digital video or images…

– What do people come to you for help with?

In short: don’t think so much about the topic, but rather the problems you can help other investigators solve. We look forward to seeing your proposal!

Jimmy Garcia
2011 Program Chair


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