Speaking at our conference – what’s in it for you?

In the last month or so, we’ve asked for (and gotten) speaker proposals on a wide variety of topics, from case studies in the cloud to sextortion to iPhone analysis. We continue to accept proposals, but we’ve also heard from some would-be speakers that because we don’t compensate, or because their employers won’t compensate (and don’t want to give the time off, especially if they’re sending the person to other conferences), they won’t be submitting.

We thought it would be useful to provide a short list of the tangible and intangible benefits you and your employer will receive from you speaking at our conference:

1. Access to a range of investigative professionals seeking basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge on the topics driving our industry forward. Even if you’re speaking on concepts rather than selling a tool, your employer should consider this part of its marketing: speakers are thought leaders, and we’re offering the chance for your employer’s message to get in front of dozens of potential clients.

2. We offer a resort experience at government rates. That is to say, with many vendor conferences charging a premium for attendance, we’ve worked out reasonable room rates, free parking and free Wi-Fi for all participants. Lecturers who present two or more sessions will see your conference registration fee waived, while single-session lecturers will receive lunch and refreshments on the day of your lecture, as well as access to all other lectures. Either way, those savings add up!

3. Because you’ll be able to attend our lectures for yourself, you’ll have access to other top-caliber speakers who will help you grow in your profession too. Over the years our participants have found that the contacts they make at our conference often remain available via phone and email, relationships they can build on that they wouldn’t otherwise have had. These relationships collectively enable you to give back to your employer.

4. For many organizations, the fiscal year starts July 1. By offering our conference in September, we enable your employer to budget in advance rather than have to work with this year’s (probably already spent) budget.

We recommend first developing your proposal – our next post will help you develop it in further detail – and then building a business case for your employer around that. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

Please direct proposals to Jimmy Garcia at jrgarcia@da.lacounty.gov


One Response to Speaking at our conference – what’s in it for you?

  1. […] It’s not too late to submit a proposal to speak at our conference! Recent blog posts have told you about the topics we seek, and also helped you justify speaking to your employer. […]

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