Our members’ March contributions

Our members find many ways to contribute to the high tech crime investigation community. They teach, present at conferences, and write. We’re introducing a new series: monthly blog posts that round up our members’ work.

Recapping March:

HTCIA co-sponsored (together with our SoCal chapter) the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. We’re pleased to announce that the Cal Poly Pomona team won! They’re advancing to nationals this coming weekend. Good luck SoCal team, and kudos to Dr. Dan Manson for organizing the regional event!

Midwest member Tom Yarrish debuted a new blog: RAM Slack, where his inaugural post discusses E01 images together with SIFT (the SANS Investigative Forensic Toolkit).

Eric Huber, in our Northeast chapter, discussed a variety of topics in his two blog posts this month. These included live response and the cloud, the underground economy around stolen intellectual property, and English football — among many other topics!

Part of Eric’s blog played off Midwest member David Kovar’s excellent post about the fragmentation of the digital forensics community. You might expect that as a community grows, it splinters into specialized groups… but that’s not what he’s talking about. Be sure to read the comments for more.

Northeast member Steve Branigan wondered whether virus scanners would be a thing of the past, as virus writers outpace the defenders. Could a virtual operating system be the answer?

Ottawa chapter member Chris Pierre blogged about how law enforcement needs to get past thinking that internet investigators are only for white collar and divorce investigations. Chris also blogged about some training that he and his firm are involved with, so be sure to check out his other postings.

Joe Garcia, also in our Northeast chapter, posted a Cybercrime 101 podcast episode about online child exploitation. He also blogged about securing iOS devices, focusing on Long as opposed to Simple passcodes and how they work.

Speaking of iOS devices, a fourth Northeast chapter member, Ryan Kubasiak, posts regular updates to his blog AppleExaminer.com.

Finally, our International 2nd Vice President, Tom Quilty of the Silicon Valley chapter, wrote about the impact of disasters on the international supply chain — notably, that the disruption of supply in a just-in-time inventory system makes it easier for counterfeit parts and goods to enter the stream of commerce.

Certainly, these blogs and other activities represent only a small subset of our members’ contributions to our community. So please, if you’re a member or you know of a member’s accomplishment that you’d like to see highlighted next month, please leave us a comment below, tweet us, or leave a comment on our Facebook page!


2 Responses to Our members’ March contributions

  1. Joe Garcia says:

    Thank you for the mention!

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