Meet the incoming IEC: Ronald J. Wilczynski, 1st Vice President

Our next introduction for 2011 is our International 1st Vice President, Ron Wilczynski, a founding member of the Northern California Chapter and a 20-year member of HTCIA. Currently a computer forensic examiner-consultant, Ron retired from the FBI after 24 years of service as a Special Agent. Also a computer forensics instructor, he has taught state, local, federal officers and technicians, and private-sector students.

We asked Ron what he anticipates for the HTCIA this coming year:

This year HTCIA celebrates 25 years as an Association. What are the thoughts of the incoming HTCIA 1st Vice President?

I have been a member of HTCIA since 1991, when a group of us met in Northern California to do the work that needed to done to form a new chapter. The process of forming something from nothing is difficult at best, but once created, the chapter became a resource to local investigators who reaped numerous investigative and networking rewards, so they could better serve our local community.

I, like most of our members, have seen a tremendous amount of change both in the industry and in HTCIA.  As a true international group of professionals, what our chapter accomplished on a local level in 1991 has been accomplished on both a national and international level. 25 years of success is a great accomplishment and a testament to those before us, who committed so much of their free time to make this organization what it is today.

My hope is to continue their hard work and assist, as part of the IEC, in any improvement that needs to be made.

How has membership helped your career and day-to-day work?

It has contributed to my knowledge. The listserv and monthly meetings are a major part of the value I have benefited from.  In both cases the collective knowledge of others who have so willingly agreed to share what they know has helped my career and day-to-day work.

Also, knowing that I can reach other professionals who are true experts in their fields – whom I met as a result of my membership in HTCIA – is a confidence builder. More importantly, they are available 24 hours a day via email or telephone. THAT is true value.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2011?

I have the privilege of being the Conference Chair for our International Training Conference.  I am surrounded by others who have agreed to help make this conference a success. That is my number one goal.

As a member of the IEC, assisting the other members as much as I can should help keep me busy for the year. Increasing membership, when I am president in 2012, will be my number one goal and I plan to find ways to start making that happen now. Our strength as an organization is in our members, and we need to identify what makes membership a “must” – not a “nice to have.”

What do you most want to see from the members/chapters?

Involvement in HTCIA. That means participating at a chapter level as much as they can… and more.  There are many jobs that make each chapter and its meetings successful, and those jobs need to be filled by people who want to be involved in making something work well.

Remember, what members experience at the chapter level is critical to their decision to become and then stay a member of HTCIA. Incentives are only a small part of this – it’s the motivated people who volunteer to lead a chapter and mentor their successors that make a chapter successful.

At the International level, we have additional volunteer positions to fill on a regular basis: committees for both the organization and the conference, and special projects. Those who can contribute continue to drive HTCIA forward.

What are your goals for the Conference?

Our number one goal is for the Conference to exceed in value what our attendees and vendors pay to be there.

Our vendors contribute to our Conference’s success and, more importantly, their tools, techniques and knowledge add to the body of expertise we each have as professionals. For those vendors that attend, we want their experience to be positive and for them to measure their experience at all other conferences by how well they were treated by HTCIA.

For our member and non-member attendees, we will do all we can to provide premium training at non-premium prices. Our feedback from the last conference reflects our success in making this happen.

We have also done all we can to make attendance at the venue as enjoyable as it can be, since attendees have to be away from work and home to attend.  We are pleased to announce that they won’t have to pay for internet access or parking at the hotel, and we will attempt to provide as many meals as we can to reduce the amount our attendees have to pay out of their pocket to come to our training conference.

Mark your calendar:  September 12, 13, 14 at the Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells, California!


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