Next steps: Looking into 2011

HTCIA 2011 community plansThe 2010 Conference is complete, new International Executive Committee members have been elected, and our chapters are in the process of choosing their new officers as well. As we look towards our 25th anniversary year in 2011, we anticipate focusing on three major areas:

International presence

Our chapters in Brasilia, Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong), and Canada are thriving… but we’d like to create a truly international network of high tech crimes investigators. We’re working with members in London and in Beijing to start chapters in those cities — and it’s important to us that new chapters open in cities rather than in countries, so that members don’t feel unduly burdened by travel.

In addition, we plan to institute better support for our at-large chapters in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas. This support will include individual at-large chapter websites. Are you a member of an at-large chapter? Have ideas you’d like to work with us on? Please email At-Large President Art Bowker!

Part of this effort includes posting content, both here on our blog and on our social networking sites, about major issues that foreign investigators are facing, how their efforts fit with those in other countries, and so forth. This includes posting more internationally flavored links on the social sites.

How can you help? If you live in a country outside the United States, simply keep an eye out for news stories — and please feel free to post to our Facebook wall, to tweet them (be sure to ask @HTCIA for retweets!) and to post to our LinkedIn group. We enjoy supporting the community with good information!

Student charters

The professionals who founded HTCIA are starting to retire. High tech crime investigation as an industry has exploded in the past decade, and continues to grow exponentially along with technology. That means our college students are one of our most important assets.

We currently have student charters in Washington state, New England, and Ohio — and in order to attract more, we’ve waived the student GPA requirements. Ten students in one school is enough to start a charter, which in turn is sponsored by the nearest chapter.

Learn more about how to start a student charter, including application forms, at our website. And once you’ve started the charter, let us know how it goes! We were pleased to show how students from California Polytechnic supported our conference, and we’d love to be able to highlight more.

Chapter activities

We’ve posted about a few of our chapters’ activities, and we’d like to post more. Not just about meetings and training events — although those form the crux of our mission — but also about our members and our sponsors: the things you’ve been able to accomplish as a result of membership, the relationships you’ve formed, the value you’ve gotten.

Why? Not just to self-promote — but also so that other members can use that information to ask their supervisors for days off so they can attend needed training, or even to volunteer as a chapter officer or conference organizer or other role. Workplace support is critical to HTCIA, so please help out other members by sharing your experiences!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see us cover on the blog, via email or on our social networking locations, please be sure to let us know!

Image: Brawn via Flickr


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