Want to know what’s going on in Atlanta this week?

The annual HTCIA International Conference & Expo is coming to an end this afternoon, but has been a strong success! With 80 speakers, six lecture tracks and numerous hands-on labs, we’ve been able to offer a mix of training and education available to members from all walks. Members appreciate how vendor-neutral everything is — more so than in other conferences, we’re told — and we’ve enjoyed the way old friends come together once more to learn and have fun.

Some highlights

We’ve been “live tweeting” our keynotes and our banquet, and talking to our membership on our Twitter feed. Visit twitter.com/htcia to see the stream of information coming from us — and to see tweets from other members, go to search.twitter.com and search on #htcia2010.

We welcome new chapters Kentucky and Florida! We blogged about them several months ago (along with the new Alabama chapter, which is still organizing); if you know investigators or students in those states, please let them know they have a new place to join.

Lectures on topics like social networking, mobile device forensics and cloud computing are drawing attendees who can, themselves, be considered experts in those fields — because they know there is always some new perspective to learn from.

Finally, Laura Chappell was not able to make this year’s conference — but she is offering a free Wireshark webinar. Open to both members and non-members, it will be held on Thursday, October 7 at 11am Pacific. Register at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/818093762

As always, your questions and feedback are welcome! Please feel free to email president@htcia.org.


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