Beer, Snacks and FTK!

AccessData Beer & Pretzel Night with FTK, MPEJoin AccessData for an informal look at the new features available in the new releases of Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) and Forensic Toolkit! Ask questions, get to know your AccessData trainers and learn how to get the most out of your AccessData products.

DATE: Monday, September 20
TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Grand Hall A

What’s New in MPE+?

  • Supports 1200 phones. Will support 2300 phones by January 2011.
  • Instant on-site triage.
  • File system is immediately viewable and can be parsed in MPE+ to locate lock code, EXIF and any data contained in phone’s file system.
  • Extracted data is stored in AD1 forensic container.
  • AD1s can be imported back into MPE+ to view data as if the device is connected.
  • And more…

AccessData HTCIA Conference Platinum sponsorWhat’s New in FTK 3.2?

  • Device Restoration! Use FTK 3.2 to quickly restore your forensic image to media for distribution, processing with other tools, etc.
  • New email columns and views allow for faster access to specific email and calendar data.
  • Global filters, carvers, columns, labels. These allow you to define your own columns, carvers, filters and more and have these available on all your cases.
  • Enhanced file system support to include DMG / Ext4 / ExFAT / VxFS / MSVHD / AFF (Advanced Forensic Format) / Blackberry IPD.
  • New Custom Carving! This allows you to define your own carvers to locate and carve virtually any type of file. Also import carvers, allowing you to take advantage of 300+ custom carvers available from AccessData and other users.
  • Device Mounting
    • Mount a forensic Image (DD / E01 / S01) as a physical device. Any tool that enumerates devices can find it. For example, Imager.
    • Virtually mount a logical image (AD1 / L01) and physical image (E01 / DD / S01) as a virtual device or volume.

Don’t forget to stop by the AccessData booth #105/107!

Image: Ron Diggity via Flickr


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