Vound’s Intella Pizza Night: Free pizza, beer… and email investigations, too

Vound's Intella Pizza Night & Email InvestigationBronze sponsor Vound, LLC is looking for about 85 investigators to attend its Monday Intella Pizza Night! Bring your own laptop and expect to enjoy free pizza and domestic brews.

Pizza Night will expand on Vound’s daytime “Email Investigations” lab. “The daytime lab is a basic overview,” Natasha Lockhart, Vound’s regional sales manager, explains. “It will be a business case, showing real-world examples of how email investigations were important to law enforcement and corporate Intella users.”

In particular, “Email Investigations” will cover the misuse of email for fraud, intellectual property theft and other crimes, as well as how to detect them and trace emails back to their origin.

Lockhart continues, “We expect that at least half of the Pizza Night attendees will already be Intella users, who know how it works but are taking more of a deep dive into what the software is really capable of. It’s more of a Q and A, a very hands-on interactive experience.”

This is important, she adds, because Intella is so task-specific. “Although it does many of the same things as traditional forensics tools,” she explains, “its email focus means it gets to the heart of email, and provides a degree of visualization that other tools don’t provide.”

Coming full circle from HTCIA 2008

Vound Intella Email Investigation softwareCEO Tom Ballance says this year’s labs come full circle from 2008, when Vound launched Intella in Atlantic City. “It was wonderful, because the 80 people who showed up gave us invaluable feedback on the product. In fact, they were not shy about it, and we could not have asked for more – we were able to take that feedback and refine Intella over two years to what it is today.”

Why is this so important to a vendor? “Investigators are under so much pressure, not just time-wise, but also to complete accurate work. There is almost no margin for error.” Pizza Night, Ballance adds, is likely to include many of those first customers, as well as those who have discovered the software since.

That the software was launched, and is being covered again, at HTCIA’s International Conference is no accident. Ballance says Intella effectively bridges gaps between law enforcement and corporate investigators who each look into fraud and intellectual property theft.

Instructor Peter Mercer

Vound co-founder Peter Mercer will be instructing both the daytime and the Pizza Night labs. A security and computer forensics practitioner – he ran the digital forensics consulting practice for Ernst & Young in New South Wales, Australia, and continues to perform examinations at the helm of his own consultancy – Mercer offers personable delivery, a willingness to sit down with anyone wanting to learn.

Over the last five years, he has trained experts from law enforcement and private firms in China, USA, Australia, England and Hong Kong on the practical application of investigation involving email and metadata.

Come for the food, stay for the prizes

Lockhart will be collecting business cards as registrants walk in the door, and using them to select prize drawings throughout the evening. To win anything from lanyards to Intella polo shirts to a full version of Intella software, you must be present.

Similar giveaways will be held at Vound’s booth on the expo floor, along with live Intella demos.

Lab registration emails are being sent in the order in which conference attendees registered. If you haven’t received yours yet, keep your eyes open!

Images: Food & Spirits Magazine via Flickr, Vound LLC


3 Responses to Vound’s Intella Pizza Night: Free pizza, beer… and email investigations, too

  1. Andrew Morgavan says:

    I would definitely like to attend. Any signup required ??

  2. htcia says:

    Yes — did you get the email with registration information? If not, you can still pick up tickets at the convention center once you are there!

  3. […] of last year’s most popular conference sessions was Pizza Night, Vound Software‘s dinner-and-a-demo look at its Intella email forensics software. This year, […]

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