Get to know some of our expert speakers!

Our speakers are a diverse lot comprising both HTCIA members and non-members, people from North America as well as overseas, public and private sector, and from various walks therein. Many of them have blogs and podcasts, and we invite you to get to know them before you attend their presentations!

Davi Ottenheimer, a security and PCI expert, blogs at – not just about infosec, but also on a wide variety of topics including energy, food, and sailing. He’ll be presenting “Anatomy of a Breach” on Wednesday, along with “No Patch for Social Engineering” and “Cloud Investigations and Forensics,” both on Monday.

Ondrej Krehel, Identity Theft 911’s information security officer, has a brand-new infosec blog at At the conference, Ondrej will be lecturing on Tuesday about forensic investigations of hacking incidents, which are more complex than often given credit for.

Jeff Carrell, a network systems and security instructor for HP Networking, has designed thousands of systems that are in use all over the world; learn more at On Monday, Jeff will be teaching Networking 101, a look at network components and how they fit in an overall systems.

Dave Hull, a community instructor with the SANS Institute, editor of the SANS Forensics Blog, and a member of a Fortune 500 Computer Incident Response Team, is well known in the industry. His blog has some interesting discussions about infosec issues and SANS, and you can find him on Twitter too. Hull will be teaching the hands-on Super Timeline Analysis over two sessions on Monday.

Gary Kessler isn’t just a networking and digital forensics genius – he’s also a SCUBA divemaster and critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) team member, among other facets. Find out more at Gary is teaching about TCP/IP protocol analysis as well as cryptography on Tuesday.

Don Jackson, Secure Works’ Counter Threat Unit director, has blogged extensively about malware, cyber attacks, and their impact on global finance. He’ll be lecturing on malware profitability on Wednesday.

Dean Gonsowski, vice president of e-discovery services at Clearwell Systems and a licensed attorney in the states of California and Colorado, contributes to a group blog about e-discovery. He’ll be presenting on Monday about the implications of compliance on e-discovery in the cloud.

Renato Opice Blum will be co-presenting with Cedric Laurant on legal developments and court decisions in Latin America. Cedric blogs about security, privacy, and the law at and Meanwhile, follow Renato on Twitter for related news at

Robert Shullich, who will be presenting Monday on demystifying the Microsoft Extended File System, blogs his research at

Craig Ball, an Austin attorney who is presenting a game show-style “Computer Forensics Jeopardy” (with prizes!) contributes to a group blog on e-discovery, as well as providing many of his writings on his website

Marc Goodman of the Cybercrime Research Institute will talk virtual world crimes on Monday, discussing both virtual worlds and multimedia roleplaying games. In addition to his website and tweeting at, Marc graciously provided more details about his lecture and his keynote in an interview on our blog – read it here!

If you’re interested in aviation, you might enjoy James Wiebe’s blog. As we noted a little while ago, James will be giving three presentations on encryption, BitLocker, and a history of the use of ciphers for crime fighting.

Also don’t forget our interview with private investigator Cynthia Navarro, who is presenting on social networking and where it fits in an investigation on Wednesday, and with Heather Steele of the Innocent Justice Foundation, whose trainers are presenting several classes on mental health for investigators of child pornography.

Plan to connect with them in Atlanta this month — conference registration closes at midnight on Monday, Sept. 13!


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