Bronze Sponsor Forensic Computers: Designed by investigators, for investigators

Forensic Computers Inc. HTCIA International Conference sponsorSupplier of digital forensic workstations, hardware, software and services for more than 10 years, Forensic Computers, Inc. has a host of testimonials that reflect its commitment to the examiners who rely on its solutions.

The company is sponsoring the HTCIA International Conference for the second year in a row because, as vice president Greg Dominguez says, “sponsorship goes further [than exhibition] toward helping fund the conference.”

Retired from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Greg has been a forensic examiner and trainer for many years, including several years as the Air Force (now DoD) Computer Forensics Lab’s first lab chief.

In addition to working in this law enforcement capacity, he has also served in the private sector as a contractor and examiner at Ernst & Young, LLP. He has worked at Forensic Computers, which boasts clients in more than 50 countries, since 2001.

We talked to Greg a little more about the sponsorship, what you can expect at the Forensic Computers booth this year, and what the HTCIA means to him and his business.

HTCIA: What’s new with Forensic Computers this year?

GD: Forensic Computers has some new forensic workstation configurations and storage options. Also, tweaking systems that will run AccessData’s Forensic Tool Kit 3 and still be budget friendly.

Forensic Computers also formalized our “Dead” Hard Drive Data Recovery service (with chain of custody, if necessary), to help our clients get their data recovered.

HTCIA: Anything you’ll be showcasing at your booth?

GD: Forensic Computers has donated a forensic workstation to the Innocent Justice Foundation and they will be giving it away at this year’s conference. So the Innocent Justice system will be at our booth and we may also have a surprise or two.

HTCIA: Your testimonials reflect a very high degree of customer satisfaction with your product quality and your level of support. What drives you to deliver?

GD: The owner of Forensic Computers (Jim Raubach) is also a retired AFOSI Computer Crime Investigator. Jim and I worked together at AFOSI and there we dealt with a limited budget. Imagine having to justify one external hard drive purchase so you could run a case. Also there were hardware vendors that provided products that did not perform as promised.

We understand what it is like to be in the field and have things go wrong. We try very hard to make sure that our clients have as few problems as possible. When a problem does arise we resolve it as soon as possible. I also get calls from clients in the field when they come across an issue or problem they are not sure how to handle technically.

HTCIA: What are your favorite aspects of the conference?

GD: Seeing old friends from around the world, talking hardware and forensic methodologies with them.

HTCIA: Your favorite aspects of the organization as a whole?

GD: I am a member of HTCIA; as a retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Computer Crime Investigator I feel that the HTCIA is performing a critical mission. The training is good and the contacts the attendees make are invaluable.

Got a question for Greg? Tell us below!


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