Critical Incident Response & Forensics: HTCIA Ottawa Presents

critical incident response Ottawa HTCIAWith digital evidence now present at nearly all crime scenes, ever wonder how forensics might operate during a large scale critical incident? Our Ottawa chapter is seeking to answer that in its 3rd annual Fall Case Study: “IT Security Mobilization Units – A Case from the Field.”

The Situation

You are the head of IT Security for a security company that provides close protection services in unstable regions. You are currently working with a team in a City, outside of Canada. Your team is protecting a VIP who has received multiple death threats from various violent groups. Company personnel in country are all thoroughly vetted employees, and are under orders to maintain personal control of their equipment (including Blackberry and/or laptop) at all times.

The City has recently gone through a violent and bloody civil war. The current government was elected three years ago in a bitterly disputed election. The rebel faction still maintains a strong support base. The rebels have vowed to overthrow the current government and restore their order by any means, including extreme violence.

The Problem

Within the past several hours, various security incidents have occurred in the City, and near your location.
Five minutes ago, you and the Commander received an alarm that someone has tried to access the company network, using a duress password assigned to a lead team member in the City.

The Case Study

The Commander needs to make a decision – “Stay-and-Play versus Grab-and-Go”. He urgently needs answers.

Join the Ottawa HTCIA Chapter in this three part Case Study, presented in phases, as we explore the investigative steps and outcomes – Phase I September 7, Phase II October 12, Phase III November 9, 2010. Participants will act as investigators during these interactive, facilitator-led sessions. No need to prepare in advance, all necessary information will be provided at the sessions. Attendees just need to bring their imagination and wit.

This case study, focusing on Live Forensics, Real-Time Investigations, Rapid CIRT, and Live Intelligence, is for illustrative purposes, and is fictitious in nature.

In the not too distant future we’ll post more about the Ottawa Chapter’s Case Study Program, its history and how it helps members in their day-to-day work. Meanwhile, for more information about the upcoming Case Study, contact Case Study Program Director Lori Whalen through her LinkedIn profile:

Image: kowaleski via Flickr


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