Meet DFI News, conference media sponsor

DFI News HTCIA conference media sponsorDid you know the HTCIA International Conference has never had a media sponsor? We do this year. Enter DFI News, a free resource providing news and information for digital forensic professionals working in academic, government, law enforcement, and corporate settings.

DFI (Digital Forensic Investigator) News has sponsored conferences such as Techno Security and Guidance Software’s CEIC, so it seemed only natural that they would likewise sponsor HTCIA. But who are they and what do they do? We asked their editor-in-chief, Rebecca Waters, for more details.

HTCIA: Why did DFI News choose to be media sponsor of this conference? How are you hoping your sponsorship will benefit HTCIA members, and the digital investigative community at large?

RW: Being a media sponsor gives us exposure in the community, but we also hope that our newsletter and website can help educate and inform digital forensic investigators helping HTCIA members to fight cyber crime more effectively. We share HTCIA’s mission of promoting an interchange of “ideas and knowledge about methods, processes, and techniques relating to investigations.”

HTCIA: You pull information from a wide variety of sources — article contributors, blogs, news items and company press releases. How do you find these resources, and how do you choose the best items?

RW: I gather content from a wide variety of sources to create DFI News. Google Alerts, industry newsletters, press releases, blogs, even the mainstream media.

Probably the most important source are the people who volunteer to write articles for us based on their experiences and expertise in the field. It is the people working in the industry every day that have the most to teach us about the stumbling blocks they run across and the new methods they develop while overcoming them.

I try to strike a balance between more practical items on methods and techniques and news items that may be interesting to our subscribers and provide a context for the work that we do.

HTCIA: Any special offers or other company news you want attendees to know about?

RW: We just launched the redesigned with improved navigation making it easier to find the content our readers need and all new Tips and Video sections giving us more ways to share information. I encourage readers to send in their own tips or videos if they have discovered a technique or tool they want to share.

We are also hosting a free webinar series in July. The first is on testifying as an expert witness, the second is on the forensic processing and analysis of a cell phone, and the third will cover Windows FE and live forensic triage. Anyone interested can sign up on our website at

HTCIA: Tell me more about yourself. What’s your background, and how did you come to be editor in chief at DFI News? What interests you most about digital forensics, and what do you like best about attending trade shows like this?

RW: My background is in journalism. I come to DFI News and Forensic Magazine from SAIL magazine where I worked as an editor for four years. I do have a background in science; however, and I was excited to put it to use in my current role. The digital forensic field is particularly exciting because it is constantly evolving and growing to meet the increased demand and the changing face of cyber crime.

I always enjoy attending trade shows for the opportunity to meet our subscribers. It is great to get feedback on the newsletter and hear what topics and issues are the most important to our readers at the time. I also enjoy attending the sessions and learning about the new tools and techniques that people are using.

Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. DFI News is indeed a wellspring of good information and we’re pleased with the mutual support!

Got more questions for Rebecca about DFI News? Please leave a comment below!


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