Post Techno Security

A few days ago, we posted an update (along with several others) to our Facebook page: “Handed out probably half of the application forms we printed for #techno2010. Hope to welcome approximately 100-150 new members to our ranks very soon!”

What’s cool about that: the people who signed up are as diverse a group of professionals as we could have met. They included state and local law enforcement, information technology and security professionals from both government and the private sector, educators, and even a military information warfare specialist newly returned from Iraq. We also signed up some international members (from Greece and Germany, as I recall).

We talked with private investigators and consultants, state and federal law enforcement officers, and corporate security officers who had been HTCIA members for many years. They spoke about the relationships they had built via our listserv and chapter meetings, the way responses come back replying to members who need help. Several members offered sponsorships to prospective members on the spot.

Finally, we were able to meet many of our conference sponsors face to face. We’re looking forward to using this blog (as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages) to tell you a little more about the people you’ll meet in Atlanta this coming September, those who will be behind the booths and teaching our labs, as well as those who will be speaking.

Overall, we had a great time, and we hope those who took the time to stop by our booth learned something about our organization and what we have to offer. We hope to see more of you both online and in person in the coming months!


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