Meet the HTCIA at Techno Security!

We are excited to have an exhibitor’s booth at this year’s Techno Security & Digital Investigations conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. We’ve learned we’ll be in Booth 611, which is right outside the expo hall doors, so please stop by and talk with us!

Our booth staff

We’re pleased to have several members from our Carolinas chapter volunteer to represent us. They come from a variety of digital forensic, information security, law enforcement and information technology backgrounds. They are:

Giovanni Masucci, Carolinas chapter 1st Vice President

Senior Digital Forensic Examiner, and President of Capitol City Consulting, LLC and National Digital Forensics, Inc. in Raleigh, NC, Giovanni consults government, law enforcement agencies, and corporate about digital forensics, industrial espionage, identity theft, physical and IT security and other technology issues. He also assists on criminal and civil cases as well as employment issues. His skills include mobile device and network forensics, and he is a trainer and speaker as well.

Giovanni plans to be at the HTCIA booth Sunday evening between 3-6pm.

Phillip Comer, IT consultant

Based in Charlotte, NC, Phillip consults for small and medium businesses (including individuals) on all manner of IT issues including information security. A soon-to-be CISSP, his focus is on simplifying IT selection, installation, use and management. Prior to starting his own business, Level 2 IT, Phillip worked as an IT professional specializing in networking, infrastructure and e-commerce.

He plans to work the HTCIA booth Monday afternoon between 2:15 and 3:30pm.

Cheryl Lytle, NCDOT forensic analyst

A CISSP, Cheryl has worked with the NC Department of Transportation for the past three years, first as an IT security analyst and presently as an IT forensic analyst. She performs forensic analysis as well as consulting on investigations, and also assists on audits as well as policy and procedure creation. Previously, Cheryl was assistant director of instructional technology at UNC-Chapel Hill, a job which required information security support.

Cheryl plans to work the HTCIA booth Tuesday afternoon.

Benjamin Corll, senior network security engineer

Benjamin, a local SANS Institute mentor for infosec auditing and assessments, is currently employed as a senior network security engineer by NetApp. Working a team that provides infosec services to a Fortune 500 company, he performs evidence collection and analysis, incident response, and audits as part of vulnerability management duties. He also worked as director of security for DH Innovations, and as principle security engineer contracted from Northrop Grumman to the U.S. Postal Service.

Christa Miller, public relations consultant

Christa is working with the HTCIA International Executive Committee this year on public relations, and will be the primary person you’ll meet at the booth. She helps represent the HTCIA via its social networking sites, including this blog and its Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages; she’s assisting with newsletter editing, press releases, and other promotional efforts. You can find out more about her and her business at her website.

Other notable HTCIA attendees

Our International President Todd Shipley will be at Techno, staffing his company (Vere Software)’s booth. In addition, be sure to stop by the American Academy of Applied Forensics‘ booth, where Carolinas chapter member Steve Hickey will be on hand to talk about how the academy – located at the Central Piedmont Community College North Campus in Charlotte – prepares its students to handle digital forensics.

Will you be attending Techno Security? Please leave us a comment and let us know – and be sure to stop by our booth!


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