10 days left to submit papers!

Friday, April 30 will be the final day we accept papers for review. Got a tool or technique you think members would benefit from? An issue you don’t think gets enough play in the community? You have 10 days to let us know!

We’ve published a list of topics at the main conference website. In general terms, they include investigative procedures for dealing with high-tech evidence in different types of crimes, specifics on dealing with certain types of evidence, case studies and success stories, and dealing with attorney and legal issues. Be sure to look at the comprehensive list here.

Whose company will you be in for speakers? Our keynotes are Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney; Michael Spohn, Senior Security Consultant at Foundstone; and Patrick Gray, Senior Security Strategist at Cisco Systems. Topics we’re already offering include Wi-Fi exploitation, cloud computing and e-discovery, and various forensic techniques, among others.

What do you have to add to our lineup? Email our speaker coordinator, Jimmy Garcia, today! jrgarcia@da.lacounty.gov


One Response to 10 days left to submit papers!

  1. Three (3) possible modified for HTCIA members needs:

    1. A No-Nonsense Guide to File Collections
    Learn a Few Simple Steps which Prevent Spoliation, Incomplete Productions and Increase Potential Evidence
    By Jon Rowe, CCE, President Pinpoint Labs http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2008/01/17/278865/NNCOLLECTIONREPORT.pdf

    2. Webinar partnering with CT Summation or other Conference sponsor

    3. Court-Trial Computer Forensic Graphics presentation
    paper http://www.pinpointlabs.com/landing/tg_landing.html

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