Open Registration for the International Conference!

Come to the HTCIA International Conference! Located this year in the ninth largest metro area in the United States — Atlanta, GA — our conference is packed as usual with training, presentations, and opportunities to meet other investigative professionals from both law enforcement and corporate fields.

Besides 7 hands-on computer labs, 2 “bring your own laptop” labs, and even a “Pizza Night” lab, breakout lectures will feature mobile device forensics, Windows 7 forensics, live forensics, social networking site investigation, mental health for child pornography investigators, and much more.

We’re also pleased to feature three keynote speakers:

More on their keynote subjects coming when we find out!

Spots are also still open for you to present, so please submit your proposals no later than April 30 to Jimmy Garcia at

To get more information, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn. You can also talk to us there and tell us what you’d like to see, either this year or next!

Meanwhile, register for the conference at the conference site. Early bird rates apply if you register by August 1!


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